Football Manager 2012


Football Manager 2012

Football Manager 2012 is a sport simulation game in which you’ll be in charge of your own football team. Unlike other titles, in this case you’ll have no direct control over the players; rather, you’ll be in the coach´s role.

Control every one of your club’s aspects

Football Manager 2012 lets you direct any team from 50 countries all over the world, including the most popular European leagues. It means that it´s very likely that you’ll find your favorite team and can fulfill your dream of perfectly managing it.

In your role as coach you’ll have to decide about the player setup: who the official players will be, who will be the replacements and what tactics to use in each match. But your role doesn’t finish at the starting whistle sound. You’ll be at the side of the field, observing live how the game gets along and giving instructions, handling replacements and ensuring that your team gives its very best. Your strategy and reaction speed may spell the difference between victory and defeat, so you have to pay attention carefully.

When the match is over, your work continues, for a club’s success or failure depends on much more than the results of a match. Football Manager 2012 lets you handle absolutely everything related to the team, with total freedom. Apart from scheduling training sessions and getting ready for the next date, you’ll have to define your strategy.

Handle the relations with your players

You’ll be able to buy and trade players, but watch out the budget. Perhaps instead of spending millions in a star front player you might be better off concentrating on finding and training new talents from the club’s school. In Football Manager 2012 you’ll be in charge of reviewing contracts and carrying out negotiations, both with football players and with the directors of other teams.

It´s your duty as a coach to give motivating talks before every match and during the training. Football Manager 2012 lets you control these conversations and lets you decide on the tone. You can be friendly and lenient and your team will like you, but this might reduce their performance. If on the other hand you are strict and severe, you can get ill feelings from more than one player. Will you be everyone’s friend, listening to their problems? Or will you get angry with them for not leaving their problems out of the playing field, as they should?

Your relationship with your players is very important, since it can influence the general atmosphere within the team. A disgruntled player might not give his best, and might even leave the club as soon as he gets a better offer.

Don’t miss any detail

The 3D matches in Football Manager 2012 have an exceptional image quality. Besides, it lets you watch them from different angles, since you can choose the camera you want. It also lets you revert the angle in the repetitions of some moves to decide better what strategy to follow.

Your matches will be carried out in a large number of different stadiums, sometimes with the fans favoring you and sometimes against you, adding realism. You’ll also encounter a variety of weather conditions, but remember that your players should give their best whether it´s in the rain or in the sunshine.

Football Manager 2012 lets you arrange the interface as you want, according to your monitor’s resolution. You’ll have instantly access to all the information and statistics you need, so you don’t need to get out of the game just to find a specific function.

In summary, Football Manager 2012 is a complete simulation game in which your strategic ability and your management capacity will be tested. Do you have what is required to take your team to the pinnacle? Download Football Manager 2012 for free, to find this out!

• Customizable interface
• Wide range of options
• Highly addictive
• Excellent 3D engine to follow the games live

• Nothing to report

Football Manager 2012 limitations:
• Restricted features
• Limited time use
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