Sonic 2 HD


Sonic 2 HD

Sonic 2 HD is a re-edition of the classic platform game about the blue hedgehog, from SEGA.

New graphics, same gameplay

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is one of the most remembered titles from the nineties. Now you’ll be able to enjoy Sonic for the PC with its original gameplay, but with much more updated graphics and music.

The Sonic Retro team put a lot of effort in achieving HD quality images, with fluid animations and attractive colors. This can be noted in the result: the world’s fastest hedgehog looks better than ever, and you’ll be able to enjoy it even in full screen without distortions.

On the other hand, the game mechanics hasn’t changed. In Sonic 2 HD Alpha Release you’ll continue moving over the different platforms, running as fast as you can to finish the level before time is up. You must collect rings to score points and avoid losing a life: when you touch an enemy or fall in a trap, you’ll lose several rings and continue on your way. If on the other hand you have no ring left, you’ll lose a life.

Jump over your enemies to defeat them, find hidden levels, overcome the bonus levels and frustrate the plans of the evil Doctor Robotnik. Each level will be difficult, and in each one you’ll find diverse puzzles and power-ups, as well as the different bosses at the end.

Sonic 2 HD Alpha preserves all the original enchantment , and even lets you play with Tails, the cute fox that can fly with its two tails. The only difference you’ll notice is that the visual attractiveness is much greater than on your old console.

What are you waiting for to relive a classic? Download Sonic 2 HD now!

• Keeps the original gameplay
• Lets you use Sonic or Tails
• Attractive graphics and fluid animations
• High-quality music

• Only the first level is available
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Type Freeware

Version 1.0

Size 85.36 MB

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