Gratuitous Tank Battles


Gratuitous Tank Battles

Gratuitous Tank Battles is a strategy game with many elements of the “tower defense” type, set in the year 2114, in a world in which World War I never ended.

Participate in the Great War

The war has been consuming the world for two centuries. Over the years, the conflict grew, but so did technology. GTB presents you with a variety of futuristic units, such as plasma cannon tanks, giant robots and laser rifles. You’ll encounter a large-scale war that combines battles in the trenches, typical for World War I, with dramatic explosions, typical of heavy machinery.

You have a large variety of units to choose from and adjust to your strategy, but the best part is that you can customize them. You’ll have tanks, robots, towers and soldiers to your liking, since you’ll be able to customize weapons and defenses, as well as their outer look.

In Tank Battles you’ll be able to play in the role of an armed forces commander in this long conflict. In each scenario you’ll be able to choose whether you want to be attacker, or the one who defends the bases. You’ll encounter a large variety of maps, each of them with its own characteristics, that will force you to change your strategy depending on the conditions.

On the other hand, you’ll also have an excellent map editor, letting you create your own battlefields. It means that your options are virtually unlimited and you’ll always challenge yourself and other players.

To top it off, Gratuitous Tank Battles has an online mode, with which you’ll confront people from all over the world, either in default scenarios or in customized maps. You’ll be able to try out units, participate in challenges and enjoy spaces created by other players, making your options unlimited.

Tactics in Gratuitous Tank Battles

GTB is a versatile and varied game, so you’ll be able to experiment with different strategies and tactics for every map. However, it´s always a good idea to follow some basic advice.

• Attack and defend in the most efficient way. Destroying all enemy units is not as important as keeping your own units safe until they reach their destination. If you have to defend yourself, remember that trucks with resources and infantry are your main objective and should be destroyed.

• Remember to place units at strategic points, where they will cause the greatest damage in the enemy ranks. Also, when you attack, choose the path carefully, since it can be the difference that gives you the victory.

• Keep in mind that each unit has its strengths and weaknesses. Whether you attack or defend, make use of your enemy’s weaknesses and use the most appropriate units to defeat him. Also, don’t waste the “support” units that help your allies, since they are a great advantage.

Finally, your resources are important and you should always remember them. If you are attacking, send some units to pick up some on the map; if you are playing defensively, destroy specific enemy units to get extra resources. Also, remember to carefully watch your resource limit, since if you don’t spend them for a long time, you’ll be wasting time until you send more units.

In summary, Gratuitous Tank Battles is an original and fun game, with a new perspective in the “tower defense” genre. The units are well-balanced and the large number of weapons, maps and options will keep you entertained for hours.

What are you waiting for to download Gratuitous Tank Battles?

• Map editor
• Wide range of options
• Challenging artificial intelligence
• Online mode

• Action can be repetitive

Gratuitous Tank Battles limitations:
• First levels available
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