Project Giana


Project Giana

Project Giana is a fabulous fast-paced Indie platform game that is developed by Black Forest Games, where you have to play as the protagonist called Giana, who is captured in a dream world and have to use her powers to fight off some nasty creatures .

This isn´t the traditional kickstarter demo release, but instead a preliminary version or prototype of the title they want to release. Unfortunately, as some publishing companies considered this game as a risk, they had to finance the development themselves and are now running low on cash. Thus, they depend on “crowdfunding” for them to be able to completely finish the title, as they are so close to the finish line right now.

Giana trapped in a dream world

Some of you might recognize the title, which is a twist to the game they developed in the 80´s called The Great Giana Sisters (a clone to Super Mario Bros that was taken off the shelves for a while and brought back later by Nintendo DS).

On the other hand, with the normal version of Giana, she walks in a dark and gloomy world, whereas in the Giana “punk “ mode, you explore a bright and colorful world where you twist and smash your way through object to find your way.

Furthermore, the gaming physics are pretty good with striking graphics that will definitely draw your attention. Also, you can transform between two modes in this challenging retro platformer, and can switch between them at any stage of the game, at anytime, keeping in mind that each form has their own abilities.

Lastly, you can uncover secret passages if you use the twist movement in a clever way. Thus, there are endless areas to explore with a classic soundtrack running in the background.

In summary, this title is very addictive and will keep you entertained for hours and let you off into a dream world. This is perfect to play in your leisure time and just completely switch off from the rest of the globe.

Go ahead and download Project Giana today!

• Very addictive
• Great sound and graphics
• You can transform between the two modes at any time
• Retro platform game

• The kickstart release may be too short for some users
• Developers need funds to complete the title

Project Giana limitations:
• Restricted features
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