Ys Origin


Ys Origin

Ys Origin is an RPGaction game in the “beat ‘em up” style. It means that once you delve into the fascinating storyline that YS Saga for the PC has to offer you, you’ll enjoy a restless adventure full of melee battles in a reward battle system.

Delve into an elaborate fantasy world

Ys Origin has a large number of characters, each of them with a lush evolutionary chain to follow. As you progress in the fantasy world in which this role-playing game occurs, warriors will change their look and their performance.

Ys Origin has a large number of resources, thanks to which the chosen character will grow. Fights, weapons, the reward system and items are just some of the elements that influence the avatar’s evolution.

With respect to gameplay, the world is very ample and there are many things to control, as well as fighting, moving around or socializing. To perform this, you can use the mouse, the keyboard or any USB device.

Before we finish, we should note that this download is the English version of Ys Origin, so nothing will stop you from fully enjoying it. Download it right now and plunge into the beginning of this spectacular saga.

• A world of great proportions
• Combat against numerous enemies
• Good storyline

• Blocky graphics
• Disorganized battles and fights
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