Rocksmith is one of the best music games for the PC that you’ll find. With this entertaining application you’ll be able to learn to play the electric guitar or the bass, while having lots of fun.

Rocksmith The Game will propose you a truly realistic music, since in order to play your favorite songs you’ll have to connect your own guitar to the computer with a simple adapter. Besides, here you won’t find any fake or simulated element, since the emphasis is on your capacity to play the instrument.

Undoubtedly, your objective in the game will be to improve your ability with the guitar; this makes you confront true training challenges. Thus, you’ll forget that you are in a guitar game, and increase your skill with the strings with a very distended master.

To make it more entertaining, you’ll be able to choose different difficulty levels, according to what you consider most appropriate for your abilities. Thus, in accord with your capacity, you’ll go from playing single notes to more complex chords.

Indeed, Rocksmith presents itself as an excellent alternative to Guitar Hero, with the additional advantage that it also lets you practice with your bass. Besides, in the midst of the multiple opportunities it offers you, with this tool you’ll be able to choose among the most varied tracks in the library of available songs. Surely you’ll find your favorite song there.

List of songs in Rocksmith

These are just some of the songs available, that you can choose from while playing RocksmithThe Game:

• THE ANIMALS: House Of The Rising Sun
• DAVID BOWIE: Rebel Rebel
• THE CRIBS: We Share The Same Skies
• THE CURE: Boys Don't Cry
• INTERPOL: Slow Hands
• JENNY O.: Well OK Honey
• LYNYRDSKYNYRD: Sweet Home Alabama
• NIRVANA: In Bloom
• RADIOHEAD: High And Dry
• RED FANG: Number Thirteen
• THE ROLLING STONES: (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

If you stored your guitar away for a while and want to recover your abilities, or if you want to start training music from scratch, download Rocksmith right now!

• Connection with real instruments
• Ensured learning
• Different difficulty levels
• Multiple tracks available

• Uses a lot of resources

Rocksmith limitations:
• Restricted features
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