MyLok Personal Edition


Safeguard all your passwords with MyLok Personal Edition

MyLok Personal Edition is a secure password manager and storage device which is free of charge. With this program, you can safely store, manage and safeguard sensitive passwords and files in a single tamper proof device.

Unlike other USB flash drives, MyLok Personal makes use of smart card chip technology to cautiously encrypts more than 250 passwords and 4 GB of you most important files. This is a very handy tool that takes away the risks of identity theft and you don´t have to remember multiple business and personal passwords. Thus, by using this app, you´re protected against potential hackers and security breaches.

MyLok features:
Encrypted data storage: 4GB of storage space to protect your personal files.
PC compatible: Works on any Windows PC
Mobile: Everywhere you go, MyLok+ goes with you, so you can plug it into any device and sign in to your favorite registered websites without leaving any footprint.
Hacker Proof Encryption: Leverages symmetric/asymmetric encryption (RSA up to 2048 bit / DSA up to 1024 bit) to keep your sensitive files safe from hackers and identity thieves.
Two-factor Authentication: use the MyLok + Device and a 4 to 8 character password to unlock device.
Random Password generator: This app generates complex alphanumeric and special character passwords.
Auto & Password login: Automatically logs you into your favorite websites, or pause to accept your passwords to access your stored credentials.

In summary, if you want to protect your PC and keep all your passwords stored in one device, then you must try out MyLok Personal Edition!

• Up to 4 GB of storage
• Up to 250 passwords to store
• Easy to use
• Portable
• Free

• It only works with the device developed by MyLok
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Type Freeware

Version 4.4.0

Size 164.28 MB

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