Create sculptures and 3D models with Sculptris

Sculptris is a 3D modeling program for digital artists to use to construct three dimensional objects and many more. Another aspect is that this app is rated among the best free applications for your PC.

Along with this utility program, you can create sculptures of persons, animals, objects, vegetables, super heroes and many more to mention. On the other hand, if you´re a novice user, you don´t need to be threatened by the technicalities or constraints these type of digital art programs usually tend to have, as Sculptris is the ideal place to start.

Sculptris lets you realize your concepts in a few steps

Once you download Sculptris for free, users will feel comfortable with the fun and easy-to-use user interface, so any basis or sophisticated task can be performed very quickly. Also, when you´ve built your model, you can make use of the “ZBrush” mode to take your sculptures to the next level for detailing, rendering and project integrations. Here you can add textures, patterns, colors and different visual add-ons.

Furthermore, artist use this software in many popular videogames out there, as this app is for beginner to professional usage.

In summary, if you´re looking for a 3D modeling program that has no cost involved, then download Sculptris for PC now.

• Free 3D modeling program
• Various tools
• Easy to use
• Paint textures
• Create sculpture of any kind

• Nothing to report
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Type Freeware

Version Alpha 6

Size 19.23 MB

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