FlightGear 3


FlightGear 3

FlightGear is an entertaining flight simulator that not only includes a large number of options and presents realistic sceneries, but is also open-source, making it possible to expand its functionality.

FlightGear includes three models of flight dynamics developed by professionals: JSBSim, YASim and UIUC, used by NASA officials for computer simulations. It means that this simulator is not only an excellent entertainment, but also a very useful tool for anybody interested in airspace engineering. The software framework can be used as an educational tool, even in academic environments where new pilots are trained.

FlightGear has several airplane models taken from real life, such as the 1903 Wright Flyer, the A320 or the Boeing 747. However, you can also create your own airplane and take care of every detail of its design and modeling. You’ll count with all the required tools to build your plane and create an interactive cabin in 3D, but you’ll have to respect the realistic behavior of the flight instruments.

The FlightGear world is extended and well-designed, and lets you visit over 20,000 detailed airplanes all over the planet. Also, the world map is full of special features, with realistic cities, geographic accidents and all sorts of visual elements that will make you feel as if you are travelling all over the world. Besides, the passing of time is very realistic, and the positions of the Sun, the Moon, and the stars correspond to their behavior in real life.

One of FlightGear’s best features is that, despite its large number of features and details, it makes excellent use of your system’s resources, and won’t cause you any lag or instability problems. For this reason, you won’t need a very powerful computer, and you’ll be able to enjoy this excellent simulator almost anywhere.

FlightGear is an entertaining and exciting application, that will make you feel like a real pilot soaring in the sky. Besides, being an open-source program, all of its functions can be extended to make full use of its capabilities. Don’t hesitate any longer to download FlightGear for free!

• Efficient use of resources
• Expandable functions
• Large amount of details
• Three professional-level flight dynamics

• The graphics quality could be better
• The learning curve can be considerable
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