iTunes 11 has a brand new look with ultra modern features

iTunes 11 is a multimedia player developed by Apple and the best way to enjoy your favorite music, movies, TV shows and many more, right from your desktop.

The new iTunes 2012 comes with a complete new design and better integration with iCloud, Apple´s cloud service. Firstly, you´ll notice that the lateral bar has been replaced by tabs to easily distinguish between the different modes and what files you have available in your library and also to give the program a more basic look.

Furthermore, if you download iTunes for Windows, you have access to a broad range of genres and can download music by making use of the iTunes Store. Also, your library will be displayed in thumbnails with pictures of the albums. When it comes down to selecting a movie or a disc, all the available content will be showed in the same window, which will let you see all the songs of the album and also you can just click on the play button to listen to the song.

On the other hand, you´ll see that the MiniPlayer has been modified, this time the interface is small on space, but more potent. Thus, more features have been added and you can click on the “Up Next” button to see which songs are in the queue. Also, if you don´t see anything you want to listen to, you can search your collection without having to open the library.

Lastly, there is some bonus features added, so now the program even gives you good recommendations along the line. So, basically this function suggests similar music and artists according to your taste and history using the app.

In summary, if you want a state-of-the-art music player that will give you a pleasure listening to your favorite songs and videos, then you must download iTunes 11 for free.

• Industry-leading media player
• Recommend you songs
• New simplified design
• Can access your history
• Intelligent MiniPlayer

• May contain some small bugs
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Type Freeware


Size 83.01 MB

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