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Ace Online

Ace Online is an online spaceship game in which you’ll participate in exciting 3D space battles against other users from all over the world.

After you download Ace Online Latino in Spanish, you’ll enter the FreeSKA mercenary academy, in which you’ll learn to fly your own plane, called Gear. Here you’ll complete a number of missions that will help you get started with the game world and will let you improve your abilities and equipment. Once you “graduate”, it will be time to choose the faction for which you’ll fight.

On the one hand, Bygenou (B.C.U.) represents the imperialist government, with desires to unite the planet, but it rejects other nations and races. On the other hand, Arlington (A.N.I.) is made up of the rebel armies, who want to be the ones to unite the world, rejecting the government’s ideas.

In this free MMO game you’ll have complete control over your spaceship: you’ll control even the slightest movements, letting you carry out fast maneuvers to get an advantage over the enemy missiles. Besides, as you complete missions and objectives you’ll be able to improve your Gear and get new weapons and abilities that will help you in every combat.

The peculiar gameplay in Ace Online combines the action and agility of an FPS with the complexity of a flight simulator, while keeping the progress system that makes RPGs so addictive.

How to register on Ace Online

To register on Ace Online, the only thing you need to do is to download the game client that we offer you. Then you have to go to the title’s official page and click on the registration tab. There you’ll find an assistant that will guide you through the simple six-step process.

First of all, you’ll have to choose what pilot you want to control, from among 10 characters. Then you’ll choose the spaceship in which you’ll fight, among four models with very different characteristics. Later you’ll be able to choose a free item, either a decoration or a power-up. Finally, it will be time to register your account with your username, password and email. Later you’ll give your pilot a name, and it will be time to fly through space.

What are you waiting for to download Ace Online for free?

• Several spaceships to choose from
• Improvements for the ship
• Agile and fast combat
• Highly addictive

• It isn’t possible to customize the pilot
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