Steam Marines


Steam Marines

Steam Marines is an action and strategy game, set on a steampunk spaceship. It has a very retro, two-dimensional graphics style, and the action is turn-based, reminding of many of the genre’s classics.

In Steam Marines you’ll be located on a spaceship with steampunk technology, which will suddenly be attacked by an alien army. With the deadly creatures boarding the ship and spreading destruction, it will be your duty to guide your team through the different rooms and corridors, destroying the enemies to save the situation.

In this indie game you’ll have to set up a squadron of soldiers with different abilities and weapons, which you’ll have to combine to get the upper hand in every battle. You’ll be able to recruit new units whenever you want, but the more you use a character, the more experience it will gain, and the better its abilities will be. While you progress, you’ll decide in which direction you want to train your troops, adjusting the combat style to your preference.

With Steam Marines you’ll learn to use all your squadron members strategically, not just offensively, but also defensively. The place where you move your units will influence the battle, whether protecting key points, forcing the monsters to turn back or making them fall into some trap.

In Steam Marines you’ll do much more than just shoot everything you encounter; all your units can interact with the terrain, so you’ll use scenery elements and destroy parts of the ship. Besides, since the combat is turn-based, your reflexes won’t be as important as the capacity to analyze the battle and predict your enemy’s movements.

But any war has its risks, and it’s likely that some of your team members die at the hands of the aliens. In this case, it won’t be possible to bring them back to life, and you’ll have to choose a new recruit and train him from scratch. That means that, once you advance enough in the campaign, protecting your squadron will be a priority to avoid losing a valuable unit.

Finally, it should be noted that the levels in Steam Marines are not fixed. On the contrary, they will be randomly generated according to an algorithm, so you’ll never know what you’ll find in the next room. Besides, this will let you play as often as you want without facing two identical situations, and always keeping the challenge level.

In summary, this title is an excellent turn-based strategy game, with an interesting recruiting system. You’ll enjoy the retro atmosphere in this science fiction world, and the challenging battles which you’ll have to wage. What are you waiting for to download Steam Marines for free?

• Turn-based combat
• The possibility to set up a squadron
• Retro-style atmosphere
• Randomly generated levels

• Includes no multiplayer support
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Type Freeware

Version 0.7.0a

Size 593 B

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