Working with multiple languages is easy with Babylon 10!

Do you work with more than one language at a time for business or school? Or perhaps just for fun. Either way, Babylon 10 is the perfect translating software for you.

Babylon 10 gives you many different options to work with. The main interface menu allows you to access all the other features. These features include a multi-lingual dictionary that can be added to buy purchasing even more dictionaries, but it covers a fair amount of languages itself. There is also a text or document translator, which will automatically translate anything your cursor is hovering over or that you have highlighted.

In case you are working with a document that includes lots of units of measurement, there is also a unit converter to make translation easier. A web search feature is at your disposal as well, to double check anything that you aren´t so sure about. There is also an option to access Babylon 10´s paid translation services. Web pages can also be translated completely, allowing you to access a whole other realm of knowledge. Language detection is automatic and spelling is perfectly integrated with Microsoft Office Speller.

Babylon 10 is an extremely complete translation application. It will help you with any multi-lingual project you may have undertaken. The interface is very clean and easy on the eyes. Click on anything to have it translated, or use the web search tool to search a different dictionary. Download Babylon 10 free for PC and expand your language horizons!

• Includes many languages
• Allows you to search the web for further confirmation
• Point and click translation tool is easy to use
• Attractive and simple interface

• May ask to make some changes as it installs
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Type Freeware

Version 10.0.1

Size 782.58 kB

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