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Check out the latest version of the popular web browser, Chrome 25 Beta!

If you know anything about anything, you know that Google Chrome is quite possibly the best web browser out on the market. Just like any excellent software, the developers are constantly trying to reinvent it, tweaking things and making your overall experience better. Chrome 25 Beta, the latest experimental web browser from Google, has some really excellent new features that will make your internet experience that much more enjoyable.

Here you have all the great features that Google Chrome offers, plus some tentative new extras. For instance, Google is trying out a new feature called Web Speech API. It is basically a javascipt program that will allow developers to add speech recognition to their web apps. One thing you can do with this is say what you want to search for, and Chrome 25 Beta will use speech recognition to complete the search.

There are also some modifications regarding security, specifically with extensions. Any extension that doesn´t ask you upfront for permission is automatically blocked, keeping your personal information safer. The interface is now easily changed as well, with many themes to choose from and apply. Installation is also super easy. Download Chrome 25 Beta free for PC and get ready to surf the web better!

• Better extension security
• Speech recognition feature
• Easy to install
• Lots of interface themes to choose from

• May have some bugs still as it is a beta
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Type Freeware

Version 25.0.1364.36

Size 722.52 kB

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