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RPG Maker VX

RPG Maker VX is an application that has all the tools to create RPG games from scratch, without requiring programming skills. With this program you’ll design third-person role-playing games, in the same style as the classic JRPG that made the genre popular. All titles developed with this software are completely functional and you can share them as an executable file that doesn’t require this program to work.

RPG Maker VX is very easy to use, since it has a simple graphical interface in which you just have to use your mouse to choose items and create events. Besides, it includes an extended database with a large number of icons, objects, characters, villains, vehicles, weapons, graphics, animations, sound effects and music. To top it off, you can design your own items or import them from other sources, to make your game truly unique.

One of the most attractive resources in RPG Maker VX is the map editor. You’ll be able to design and build sceneries with different layers and elements very easily. All terrains are divided up by a grid, and you’ll build your world using different mosaics with different colors, textures and properties. Thus, you’ll build buildings, walls, forests, beaches, lakes, etc. Besides, the application will automatically create the borders, so you won’t waste time doing it.

In the database you’ll design characters, villains, weapons and other items and set up their abilities and properties. On the other hand, the event editor will let you adjust absolutely all items and situations with which your character will interact, from NPCs to doors, passing through vehicles and switches. Since you can configure all of this in its simple interface, orchestrating complex sceneries won’t require more than a few clicks, and you’ll get excellent results.

Finally, it should be noted that although RPG Maker VXwill provide you with an enormous amount of tools and powerful editors, it´s possible that you need or want greater control over your game. In this case, you can use the “Ruby Gaming 2” scripting system to create your own events. In case you don’t have programming knowledge, you can download a script created by a community member, and use it to expand your game’s possibilities.

What are you waiting for to download RPG Maker VX and start creating your own game?

• Very easy to use
• Multiple editing options
• The possibility to export scripts from other users

• Nothing to report
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Type Shareware

Version 1.02

Size 39.72 MB

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