Omerta City of Gangsters


Omerta City of Gangsters

Omerta City of Gangsters is a strategy game in which you’ll have to create a mafia empire and expand your “businesses”, eliminating rival gangsters, to get control over the city.

The action in Omerta City of Gangsters PC occurs in the vibrant Atlantic City in the twenties. This was certainly a prosperous decade, but fast changes in society created ideal conditions for gangster bands to control the city. You’ll notice that Atlantic City and its buildings and iconic places are represented in a historically correct way, and the environment as well as the citizens’ attitudes are very credible.

After downloading Omerta City of Gangsters, you’ll assume the role of an immigrant who just got to Atlantic City, with great dreams of “becoming America” and achieving success in his new home. You’ll start carrying out small jobs, and eventually you’ll recruit your own criminal gang, to start expanding your influence throughout the city streets. You’ll have to take territory away from other gangsters and keep your organization afloat, out of the reach of the law.

In Omerta City of Gangsters, combat is turn-based, but you’ll have to use terrain to your advantage, to find cover from enemy shots or go through areas without being seen. You’ll set up your group of criminals, using your different abilities, and you’ll use a system similar to the one used in RPGs to increase your levels and get new abilities. You’ll have to find the perfect balance between the powers of your different team members and the usefulness of different items and objects to win different levels.

The campaign mode of this fun title will keep you hooked for over 15 hours, while moving forward from a poor immigrant to the head of the city’s most powerful criminal organization. However, you can also enjoy with friends of online games. Omerta City of Gangsters includes cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes, with the possibility of maintaining the progress of your criminal band for the single player.

In summary, if you are looking for a strategy game with an excellent atmosphere and a fun theme, you should download the Omerta City of Gangsters free demo, which will surely not disappoint you.

• Turn-based combat
• Original theme
• Excellent atmosphere
• Cooperative and competitive modes

• Can use a lot of resources

Omerta City of Gangsters limitations:
• First levels available
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