GameSalad is an editor with which you’ll be able to create video games for free without writting a single line of code.

GameSalad for Windows includes all the tools you need to develop any type of game; the only thing you need to add characters and objects is to drop them onto the screen. It includes extended galleries with a large number of elements, items and designs that you can use freely in your projects.

It´s worth noting that the GameSalad tutorial is very complete and easy to use, with a large number of guides and examples to follow for every aspect. This, combined with its large number of variations and possibilities, results in an ideal tool to take your first steps in the world of video game development.

GameSalad is an application that can be just as useful for people who have no technical knowledge, as by developers who already work for a while in the sector. This is because the simplicity of the tools and their ease of use which help to create games much faster than with other editors. Many people who have a lot of knowledge in programming and scripts choose to use this application to quickly sketch their ideas, or to try out concepts without spending hours creating a first prototype.

When you download GameSalad you’ll find a large number of functions and tools, such as a scene editor and an advanced editor, in which you’ll define complex reactions and statuses. Besides, the built-in physics engine will ensure that object movement and collisions will be realistic. On the other hand, you’ll find the possibility to preview your game to test its performance and carry out real-time editing.

In summary, GameSalad is an ideal application for all those who are thinking of entering the video game development industry. It´s simple, easy to use and requires no prior knowledge, yet it offers innumerable possibilities for your project. Download it for free!

• Requires no programming knowledge
• Wide range of possibilities
• Real-time editing
• Publishing to multiple platforms

• Doesn’t include many advanced features
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Type Freeware

Version 0.10.0 Beta

Size 22.13 MB

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0.10.0 Beta