Squish zombies with your own fingers in Zombie Smasher

Everyone loves a good zombie game. Sometimes, though, we get stressed out and feel like getting a little more hands-on. Controls are great and everything, but nothing beats being able to tap something to crush it. Zombie Smasher is the perfect zombie action game for Android to let you literally crush zombies with your touch.

Gameplay for Zombie Smasher is super simple. You have to keep the zombies from getting past your door by tapping the screen with your finger to crush them. But be careful! There are children among the zombies for some reason! Make sure not to crush them as you squish the 7 different types of zombies that are attacking you.

There are three modes to choose from in Zombie Smasher. Story Mode includes up to 60 different levels to beat. Survival Mode is pretty self-explanatory, as well as Time Mode. As you play, make sure to grab up any power-ups and use your best judgment when using them. You can even play this game on your PC if you have BlueStacks installed. Download Zombie Smasher free for Android and start crushing those zombies!

Zombie Smasher Features:
• Super easy gameplay
• 3 different game modes
• 7 zombie types
• Power-ups to help you out
• Great visuals
• High quality audio

Zombie Smasher Limitations:
• Requires Android 1.3 or higher
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Type Freeware

Version 1.3

Size 3.16 MB

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