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Organize your Android device with ASTRO File Manager

These days it is almost impossible to keep track of everything that is downloaded onto Android devices. From pictures to videos, it can be a total mess and even worse when you need to find something quickly. ASTRO File Manager is a file management tool for Android that will solve all of your file management problems.

ASTRO File Manager will provide you with an easy and logical way to organize your videos, photos, documents, and more on your Android device, or even on your PC if you have BlueStacks. They can also be organized with any service that uses the cloud like Google Drive or Facebook Photo Albums.

The picture viewer for ASTRO File Manager is actually better than the standard gallery viewer. If any processes are seen to be using up too much battery, they are automatically stopped and your apps are backed up in case your device dies. Of course you can also search through all these files that you have and find them easily. Download ASTRO File Manager free for Android and get yourself organized!

ASTRO File Manager Features:
• Organize all kinds of files
• Easy search
• Works with any cloud service
• Great picture viewer
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Type Freeware

Version Free

Size 4.47 MB

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