Nero Kwik Media 12


Manage all of your media files easily with Nero Kwik Media 12

With so much great music, so many great videos and photos out there these days available for download, it can be hard to keep track of all of one´s media files without having to purchase some sort of complex and expensive software. Luckily, Nero Kwik Media 12 is a media manager that will make all of these problems easier for you to handle without costing you a fortune.

Nero Kwik Media 12 provides you with a super easy central place from which to manage all of your media files, be they photos, videos, or music. It is so easy, in fact, that it actually finds these files for you on your hard drive and then organizes them accordingly. Then all you have to do is create playlists, slideshows, or touch up your photos.

The interface is very simple and offers you four categories to check out in the menu area: Media Library for importing and organizing files, Enjoy your Media for listening and watching, Burn & Copy for burning and making copies, and Be Creative for making playlists and slideshows that can then be published online.

The tools offered in Nero Kwik Media 12 are quite useful and easy. The photo editing tool is extremely comprehensive, allowing you to adjust things like saturation, exposure, color, and brightness as well as providing a red-eye removal tool. The slideshow creator lets you customize theme, music, duration, and text to make memorable slideshows to show friends and family. Download Nero Kwik Media 12 free for PC and start getting your media files organized!

• Easy to use interface and menu
• Media files automatically found on hard drive
• Comprehensive photo editing tool
• Nice slideshow creator
• Publish slideshows and playlists online

• Installation maybe slow
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Type Freeware

Version 12.0.02200

Size 753 B

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