Create a mobile workspace with CloudOn

Managing work in the office is hard, but imagine having to do this every second of the day. There are ways to get documents sent to clients and bosses and to sync everything up properly, but it would be nice if someone just created some sort of program that is all of the things you need in one. That way you can get all of your work done with one program. CloudOn is a productivity tool for Android that will solve this problem.

CloudOn combines Microsoft Office with Adobe Reader and File Viewer to create the perfect mobile office. Use any of the Office programs to create, edit and review documents. Then use Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, or SkyDrive to rename, manage or even delete these documents. View any type of file, be it PDF, JPG, GIF, or even PNG. You can even email clients or bosses directly from this workspace.

CloudOn also includes a feature called FileSpace that keeps a log of all activity regarding any document so you can see how many times it was modified and more. Changes are also automatically saved. You can also use this app on your PC as long as you have BlueStacks installed. Download CloudOn free for Android and begin a new era of working on the run.

CloudOn Features:
• Incorporates the Microsoft Office suite
• Links to any Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, or SkyDrive account
• Includes Adobe Reader and File Viewer
• FileSpace feature keeps a log of all documents
• Send emails directly from mobile workspace
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Type Freeware

Version 4.0

Size 2.7 MB

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