Quick Guide to English Verbs


Quick Guide to English Verbs is an excellent buddy while you study

Are you currently studying English? Or do you wish to improve your knowledge of the International business-language of the World? Quick Guide to English Verbs is the grammatical reference you need that is easily accessed via a simple application on your PC.

With leading support materials and exercises for you to follow, Quick Guide to English Verbs is a good tutor to help you on your to becoming an expert speaker of the language. The program is easy-to-follow, with good navigation. It is has a simple installation.

Quick Guide to English Verbs fully demonstrates all of the most common verbs in the English language. It also has many examples and illustrations that aid user in the learning process. The program, developed by English4Today, also comes with free updates from the main website, along with a range of other encouraging supports.

For anyone who is learning English, and who would like an easy way to develop their understanding of the many verbs in the language, Quick Guide to English Verbs is something you would benefit from downloading.


• A great study buddy for learning the English language
• Many examples, illustrations and supports
• Free updates


• Does not have an exceedingly great User-Interface
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Type Freeware

Version 1.0.1

Size 3 MB

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