articy:draft: An editor to create interactive games.

articy: draft is a game editor that puts a lot of emphasis on non-linear storylines. With this application you’ll be able to design your own games of any type, much more efficiently than with other tools on the market.

One of articy: draft’s benefits over similar application is its wide range of tools designed to help you work in teams. Now you’ll be able to finish your group projects much faster, since you’ll make sure that all group members work on the latest version.

Besides, since all parts of the project are visible, you’ll eliminate duplicate work, and you’ll connect each element with the related objects. With the possibility of adding notes and video references, links, sounds or images, writers, artists and coordinators will know where their work fits within the general project.

The articy: draft interface makes it easy to navigate between the different areas of your work, and lets you change from a general view to see the entire project, to a specific view to double check the details of every element. This flexibility is ideal to verify the relevance of a character, object or place, and to appreciate how much, or how little, the storyline will be affected by the player’s decisions.

In summary, articy: draft is a versatile and complete program which will cover all your needs when creating a game. It´s specifically designed to let you build an adequate storyline, and you’ll see perfectly where each element fits in the final project. Its communication tools make teamwork a simpler and more efficient task, and its ease of use make it the ideal program for any type of interactive project.

What are you waiting for to download articy:draft for free?

• Easy-to-navigate interface
• Makes teamwork easier
• Ideal to create non-linear storylines
• Possibility to add references to each element

• Nothing to report

articy:draft limitations:
• 30-day trial
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Type Shareware

Version 1.4.3

Size 28.01 MB

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