WhiteSmoke Writer Executive


English language word-processor for non-native speakers

It can be a struggle to produce documents in English if you are not a native speaker of the language. WhiteSmoke Writer Executive is a word-processor that helps you structure sentences for what you want to say.

WhiteSmoke Writer Executive finds the right expressions and suggests what it deems as better ways of saying things. It offers corrections for spelling and grammatical error. This is fundamentally useful to the average user writing English as their foreign language.

Furthermore the application provides writing styles and templates, making it that bit easier to start producing texts. The software includes its own Dictionary and Thesaurus so that users do not have to go searching elsewhere on the Web, which is a huge time-saver. It also offers translation to many other languages, so as to compare how the writer would express themselves through their own language. There are many different suggestions for different ways of writing. Whether it’s creative, or formal.

Though the application is without doubt extremely useful, some users might find that what it suggests to them is not what actually what works the best. Other word-processors such like Microsoft Word are just as useful to students of English, with much the same tools.

I think that it is beyond doubt that WhiteSmoke Writer Executive helps you write to a better standard of English more than the average word-processor. It is therefore a useful tool to download for non-native speakers of the language.


• Corrects text, searching documents for grammatical and spelling errors
• Many writing style suggestions, and templates
• Translator, dictionary and thesaurus built-in


• Some corrections are poorly expressed
• Other word-processors offer much the same
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Type Freeware

Version Free

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