Easy French Dialogs


Helps you learn and speak conversational French

French is a relatively difficult language to learn. It is therefore beneficial to have Easy French Dialogs on your computer to help you study.

Easy French Dialogs is a program oriented towards language learning. The application is geared towards learning the language from a conversational perspective. With this in mind, the software introduces linguists to over 670 different dialogues. All conversations take the setting of everyday places. The dialogue consists of language you would hear from people making calls, or shopping, onto saying hello to people or going on excursions.

All of the content is presented to the user through contextual slides. All students can flick through the dialogue at their own pace and when it fits into their study-plan. Users can also change the settings to have all expressions read out loud.

What is a great thing about Easy French Dialogs is that the window only takes up a small portion of your screen. This allows you to have open other articles behind it that help you to study as well. I also find that the English-French dictionary is an important language tool that the software includes.


• A study buddy for learning French from a conversationalists perspective
• Over 670 different dialogues in many everyday contexts
• English-French dictionary


• Is not a complete study buddy as it does not provide in-depth grammatical support
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Type Shareware

Version 3.1

Size 4.77 MB

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