Zombie Wonderland 2


Clean up the zombie plague in Zombie Wonderland 2

Zombie games are almost a dime a dozen nowadays. Most of them focus on survival tactics and how to kill as many zombies as possible in the shortest amount of time and, of course, without getting turned into one yourself. Isn´t there anything else that can be done with this genre? Luckily, Zombie Wonderland 2 is an arcade game for Android that shows a different side to the zombie apocalypse craze.

Zombie Wonderland 2 takes you back to Niceville where you get to see the world through the eyes of Chuck the zombie clean-up man. His job is to get rid of every trace of zombie in Niceville. This does not mean simply killing them, however. Chuck is a Zombie Cleaner, so that means to keep his clients satisfied and get the moolah, he has to literally clean up after killing a zombie. If any trace of blood or guts is left, he won´t get the money.

Zombie Wonderland 2 offers up 31 different zombie-killing missions for you to complete. The missions take place in 12 different places, so you never get bored of the same scenery. You will have 25 different types of zombies to kill, some huge and some tiny. The soundtrack is rich and the game has tons of great sound effects to accompany a zombie killing spree. Don´t forget that you can play this game on PC if you download BlueStacks. Download Zombie Wonderland 2 and start cleaning up after those zombies!

Zombie Wonderland 2 Features:
• 31 different missions
• 12 different places
• 25 different zombies
• A huge selection of zombie killing weapons
• Excellent soundtrack and sound effects

Zombie Wonderland 2 Limitations:
• Requires Android 2.1 or higher
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Type Freeware

Version 1.4

Size 35.02 MB

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