Poker Smash


Poker Smash

Poker Smash is a free poker game that combines an addictive puzzle with elements of this popular game of chance.

In Poker Smash, the objective is very simple. You have to clean the board of cards as quickly as possible, using poker combinations. As you might expect, the higher-level hands will give you more points and will help you to complete the levels much faster. Besides, you’ll be able to win and use certain bonuses or power-ups that will give you special powers, such as exploding a group of cards or slowing down time.

Poker Smash includes several modes that will challenge you in different, but attractive ways. In “action” you’ll experience the game in its most basic form: the board will displace faster and faster, and you’ll have to make combinations to survive longer. On the other hand, the “puzzle” mode will present you with boards organized in different ways, which you’ll have to solve tactically.

The “practice” mode will present you with a board with a changing speed that you can control to your liking. You won’t have the pressure of playing against the clock or of a limited number of moves, so you can take your time to get as many chains and combinations as possible. Finally, the “playlist” mode will let you choose among different songs that will be unlocked every time you finish a level.

But Poker Smashalso lets you enjoy with your friends. In the multiplayer mode in split screen, you’ll confront other users in melee combat. Obviously you’ll have to get a higher score than your opponent in order to win; to achieve this, you’ll be able to slow down your enemy by throwing blocks at him.

If you are looking for a fun and addictive game with challenging puzzles and high-speed action, be sure to download Poker Smash for free and have fun on your own, or with friends.

• Several game modes
• Multiplayer support
• Highly addictive
• Attractive graphic effects

• The idea is not very original
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Type Demo

Version 2013.2.13.2

Size 92.31 MB

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