Victory: The Age of Racing


Enter into the world of open wheels racing

Many racing games are being made, but few of them are drawing from the reality of some racing scenes. Most of them deal with races on highways or other ridiculous scenarios that really only occur in movies. If you want something more realistic, check out Victory: The Age of Racing, a racing game for PC that puts other racing games to shame.

Victory: The Age of Racing is based on the world of open wheels racing. This means that you get to customize your very own open wheel car and then race it against tons of worthy opponents. Create your car from different parts so you can create a completely unique model. Then paint it any color you want! As you play and earn points, you can level up your car and improve its performance as well.

Victory: The Age of Racing features super realistic car physics that make each twist and turn a real thrill. Play single or multiplayer and experience this game two different ways. There are three different control methods: keyboard, mouse, or gamepad. Take your pick and get your engines running! Download Victory: The Age of Racing free for PC and enjoy this great racing game.

• Uses real car physics
• Unlimited ways to customize cars
• Different ways to play
• Multiplayer or single player options
• Level up and change your car as you play

• Gameplay may be repetitive
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Type Freeware

Version 0.09.848 Beta

Size 378.87 MB

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0.09.848 Beta