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Make funny photos with Face Changer

We all know someone who hates getting their picture taken. If you do end up convincing them to pose, they usually will not smile. Then there are those who make silly faces for every single photo, no matter the occasion. Wouldn’t it be great to literally put a smile, or take one off, of their faces? With Face Changer, an entertainment app for Android, you can do that and more.

Face Changer lets you alter photos from a variety of sources. Use a photo from your gallery or even from Facebook. You can even take a photo with the camera inside the app, or do a Bing or Google search using the app to find photos of celebrities to alter. Once you are satisfied with your version of the photo, save it to the app’s gallery and then share it via Facebook, email, Twitter, and more. Your friends may never forgive you, but it will be worth it!

Face Changer features many editing options and tools. The smudge tool is quite fun as it allows you to change the shape of any aspect of a face. Use the draw tool to add your own artistic touches to a photo. The object tool lets you choose from a huge variety of objects to paste on you or your friends’ faces. Objects include glasses, mouths, eyes, beards, pimples, and more. Use this app on your PC with BlueStacks. Download Face Changer free for Android and have fun with faces!

Face Changer Features:
• Smudge tool
• Object tool
• Draw tool
• Save to personal gallery
• Share via Facebook, Twitter, email and more
• Use photos from any source

Face Changer Limitations:
• Requires Android 2.2 or higher
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Type Freeware

Version 2.5

Size 4.18 MB

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