Runescape Apocalypse


Runescape Apocalypse

RuneScapeApocalypse is a pack of editing tools and applications, especially designed to let you make full use of RuneScape, the popular MMORPG that you can play on your browser.

Basically, RuneScape Apocalypse client is a suite that will add extra functions or handy tools that, without affecting the game balance, will help you in many things and will add options to improve your experience.

After downloading RuneScape Apocalypse you’ll have buttons to “jump” among the different worlds and move faster to reach your destination, as well as a generator that will show you the top 10 active clans at any moment. On the other hand, the notepad, the timers and the hi-score search are some of the features that will let you play in a more organized and efficient way.

RuneScape Apocalypse also brings you features that, while not directly related to the game, will undoubtedly let you enjoy the experience better. For example, the built-in music player supports audio CDs and MP3 files without any problem and has playlists and the possibility to listen to songs randomly.

In summary, whether you are a veteran RuneScape player or just discovered this classic massive role-playing game, this suite will let you make full use of all the title’s possibilities.

Download RuneScape Apocalypse for free!

• Easy to use
• Built-in player
• Lets you jump between worlds
• Top-10 clans

• Some functions are unstable
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Type Freeware

Version 1.6.7

Size 10.1 kB

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