Release your road rage with Carmageddon for Android

Carmageddon is a racing game for Android that breaks all the rules.

This rebellious game is perfect for those who hate to play by the rules. Killing pedestrians, driving on anything but the street and more crazy actions are completely acceptable, and even encouraged.

Carmageddon lets you beat a level in three different ways. You can completely destroy your opponents, kill all of the pedestrians in the level, or actually race and complete all of the laps. There are also three different ways to control your car: digital, analogue, or tilt.

There are 28 opponents to destroy, 11 enviroments to explore, and even a career mode with 36 different levels. The more opponents you destroy, the more of the 30 unlockable cars you unlock.

Download Carmageddon free for Android and start playing a new kind of racing game!

Carmageddon Features:
• 3 different ways to beat a level
• 3 different control methods
• 28 opponents to destroy
• 11 different environments
• Career mode with 36 levels
• 30 different cars to unlock

Carmageddon Limiations:
• Requires Android 2.3.3 or higher
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Type Freeware

Version 1.0.253

Size 37.06 MB

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