Saints Row 4


Fight aliens and do whatever you want in Saints Row 4 for PC

Saints Row 4 is an open world action game for PC that lets the player run wild with superpowers and tons of aliens to destroy.

The 4th installment in the Saints Row series, this game follows the plot of Saints Row 3 but changes things up a bit. In this case, the leader of the Third Street Saints has been elected president. Somehow along the way, an alien invasion occurs and the president acquires super powers.

Saints Row 4 focuses on this alien invasion, with the president using super powers as weapons. These powers include flight, telekinesis, and super speed.

Of course there are also tons of weapons to try out, including the dubstep gun. This particular weapon works by releasing a purple ray of dubstep madness causing cars to explode and anyone nearby to dance uncontrollably until the too explode.

Weapon customization has also been greatly improved, mostly in terms of weapon skins. For example, you can customize your rocket launcher to look like a guitar case. There are also awesome mech suits to play around in.

Instead of rival gangs and cops to fight, Saints Row 4 offers up an array of weird aliens to smash, destroy, freeze, and more. They have invaded your country and planet, so they deserve no mercy! However, as this is a Saints Row game, you don’t have to follow any rules.

This game has yet to be released, but download a free Saints Row 4 wallpaper while you wait!
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