Pokemon TCG


Pokemon TCG

As its name suggests, PokemonTCG is a trading card game based on Pokémon, the popular Nintendo franchise.

Pokémon Trading Card Game is a card role-playing game in the style of Magic: The Gathering. In it, you’ll become a Pokémon master and participate in duels in which you’ll confront your pocket monsters against those of your opponent. You’ll collect cards with creatures, set up your deck and learn the different tactics that will lead you to victory.

For many years, this title has a great international success with printed cards. Now it´s possible to play Pokémon TCG for free, online, against opponents from all over the world. Participants will be able to duel one another in one on one or multitudinous tournaments, with interesting prizes. Besides, they’ll have the option of expanding the deck by trading Pokémon TCG codes or buying booster packs online.

If you enjoy strategy and card collecting, Pokémon Trading Card Game is the ideal game. It has a system that is easy to learn for those who are not familiar with TCG proposals, but it´s sufficiently challenging to keep more experienced players interested.

Don’t hesitate any longer to download Pokémon TCG for free!

• Easy learning curve
• Excellent tutorials
• The possibility to participate in tournaments
• Highly addictive

• Nothing to report
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Type Freeware

Version 1.9.13

Size 408.89 MB

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