Cuboid Sandbox


Cuboid Sandbox

Cuboid Sandbox is an open simulation game in which you’ll control a minimalistic world “inhabited” by color cubes. It´s a simple title that can be quite relaxing, but that will undoubtedly let you explore your creativity.

In Cuboid Sandbox you’ll encounter three types of blocks that beahaves as “living beings”: red ones, yellow ones and blue ones. These cubes will move on their own, grow, duplicate and even die, according to the conditions you created in the world.

Apart from creating cubes, you’ll be able to make food appear, designed for each type of block. This food will be necessary for the cubes to develop and stay alive, so they will instinctively look all over the map to consume it.

With these simple elements you’ll create scenes as varied as you can imagine. You’ll be able to separate the different species, make them grow, deprive them of resources and even confront one another in a fight for food and territory.

Cuboid Sandbox has a visual look that is as minimalistic as its gameplay, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t attractive. The basic colors and the animation style work together perfectly with a relaxing background music to achieve a fun and original title.

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• Doesn’t use a lot of resources
• Minimalistic aesthetics
• Attractive visual design
• Wide range of options

• No concrete objective
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Type Freeware


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