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Bad Bots

Bad Bots is a 2D platform game with a retro style and a science-fiction atmosphere, in which you’ll go through a spaceship shooting and blowing up everything you find on your way.

In this indie game for the PC you’ll guide Sam McRae, a mechanic on board a cargo ship called Titan Hauler. After awaking from a cryogenic sleep, our hero discovers that the ship’s entire robotic crew has been reprogrammed to destroy mankind and that they have changed the Hauler’s course to make it explode against planet Earth. Now you’ll have to confront an interminable horde of robotic enemies using all sorts of futuristic weapons to stop the catastrophe on time.

In Bad Bots you’ll go through over 170 levels full of different types of robots that will present you with greater and greater challenges. You’ll also run into seven bosses at the end of levels, which will really test your reflexes and your strategic capabilities. You’ll have a varied arsenal of futuristic weapons available, from an explosive grenade launcher to a wave pistol, among other things.

What’s more, when you download this free indie game you’ll be able to enjoy two completely different modes. In the campaign mode you’ll advance through the different levels, solve puzzles, confront the bosses and follow the exciting story to the end. On the other hand, in the challenge mode you’ll confront hordes of robots that get more and more powerful, and you’ll have to survive for 60 seconds.

If you are looking for a fun game, full of action and with retro aesthetics, be sure to download Bad Bots for the PC and confront hordes of robots to save Earth.

• Large number of levels
• Several game modes
• Intense action
• Retro aesthetics

• The storyline is not original
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