Schedule and keep track of events with Google Calendar for Android

Google Calendar is a productivity app for Android devices that allows users to create calendars, events and more.

This is the perfect app for those who are always on the go and have complicated schedules that include meetings, presentations, and more. Users can create calendars for themselves and add any events that they deem necessary. Events can be configured to occur daily, weekly, or even monthly.

Once added, notifications can be added so that users receive emails reminding them of events with enough time. The time an event will take is symbolized with a bar of varying length, so that users can quickly glance at a day to see if they will be very busy or not. Users can also manage calendars made with other programs as well as the one created with Google Calendar.

Google Calendar also allows users to also email directly the guests for specific events, notifying them of changes, cancellations, and more. This can be done directly inside the app with no need to go to an email account. Users can even set up a predefined SMS message notifying people that they will be late to an event to send out.

Download Google Calendar free for Android and keep track of your days and life!

Google Calendar Features:
• Create and add events
• Send notifications to event guests
• See at a glance if a day will be busy
• Repeat events daily, weekly, and monthly
• Manage more than one calendar at a time
• Customize a late message to send out

Google Calendar Limitations:
• Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher
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Type Freeware

Version 201305280

Size 2.2 MB

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