Traffic Monitor


Stay on top of the data you upload and download with Traffic Monitor for Android

Traffic Monitor is an app for Android devices that lets users see how much data is being downloaded and uploaded with their device.

The most important aspect of this app is the Data Traffic Counter. This does exactly what the name implies: it keeps track of data going to and leaving a mobile device. The data is separated according to if it was uploaded or downloaded. Users can get a daily, weekly, or monthly summary of their data traffic and even set the start day of the period to be measured.

Another feature that Traffic Monitor offers is called Speedometer. This tool is for measuring the speed and delay of the wireless connection as well as checking performance against the average performance in the area. Users can even post their speed test results to Facebook or Twitter to see how it compares to that of their friends.

This app also features a Task Manager which keeps track of how much memory the currently running apps are using up. It can also be used to kill memory or cut off especially data or traffic hungry apps in order to save memory.

Download Traffic Monitor free for Android and stay on top of the amount of data coming to and leaving your device.

Traffic Monitor features:
• Data Traffic Counter for tracking data
• Speedometer for checking speed of data
• Task Manager for managing the memory usage of apps

Traffic Monitor limitations:
• Requires Android 2.2 or higher
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Type Freeware

Version 5.0.1

Size 4.67 MB

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