Blues Media Player


A basic, simple to use media player that supports many audio and video files

Blues Media Player is a media player allowing you to play all music and videos, including Blu-Ray.

The application makes it easy for you to play all files of any type. The player has all of the desired functionality that any other has. The program gives you the option to play all media formats. You can create, add-to and delete playlists. In addition to this, you can skip through the playlist and play any item you want to. Likewise you can also pause and stop files from playing. What I really like about this program, besides the fact that its simplicity allows for fluid navigation, is that it allows you to not only shuffle songs, you can shuffle through playlists, albums and folders.

The application is customizable, and you can arrange how you most prefer the windows to appear. You also have the ability to favourite items and organize them to your liking. The program also has many extra tools, including an audio and video converter. The converters are great for alternating different files to suited formats. Blues Media Player also has an equalizer where you can adjust the balance the rate of sound from the left and right speakers. What I think is an interesting feature is also the IMDb search tool, allowing you to use the application to search for information about particular movies. Another feature I quite like in this application is the ‘HotKeys’ tab in settings. Here you can set unique keys for quick commands. The program also gives you the option to auto-save your playlists, among other useful features.

Blues Media Player is particularly beneficial to those who wish to schedule certain playlists to play at a given time. You can even control the computers sleep, log-off, and shutdown functions from within the player. At set timed intervals the player will see to it that your machine sleeps, or closes down. You can thus use the player as an alarm clock, which is a nice feature.

If you’re looking for a basic, simple-to-use way to play your music and videos, download Blues Media Player. It will surely surprise you as well!


• Play all audio and film files
• Simple-to-use, basic interface
• Lots of settings, tools
• Manage when a given playlist plays, use as an alarm clock


• Like others, nothing especially unique
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Type Freeware

Version 12.05.2013

Size 14.1 MB

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