Preview and inspect your web designs with Edge Inspect CC for PC

Edge Inspect CC is the latest version of the web design preview and inspection program from Adobe that works perfectly with all other Edge programs.

This program is designed specifically to aid web designers in seeing how their finished product will look on various devices and platforms. Users can view webpages on multiple devices, including Android and iPhone emulators. One amazing feature lets users pair up various devices wirelessly to their computers. Then they can browse the web using Chrome and all connected devices will stay perfectly in sync. After all devices are synced up, you can start enjoying all of the tools and features that this program has to offer.

One of the great tools that Edge Inspect CC has to offer is remote inspection. Select a connected device to inspect and use development tools to carry out an inspection. If you find something wrong, go in and make changes to the HTML, CSS, or JavaScript code right from your computer and watch as the same changes are brought into effect on the wireless device.

Another cool feature is screenshots. This is a super simple tool that lets you take shots of every single connected device by pressing a single button. These screenshots are then automatically saved to your computer in a folder and can then be easily shared with anyone else working on the project or clients.

Working with Edge Reflow CC and Edge Code CC is much easier with Edge Inspect CC. As you work with either of those two programs, with Edge Inspect CC you can preview changes made as they are made. There is also Amazon Kindle Fire support, meaning that after downloading an app version of Edge Inspect CC you can use it on a Kindle Fire.

Download a free trial of Edge Inspect CC and make web design a seamless process.

• Connect multiple devices wirelessly to synch them
• Remote inspection tool makes inspection of devices a breeze
• Take screenshots of all connected devices at the press of a button
• Work with Edge Reflow CC and Edge Code CC seamlessly
• Creative Cloud integration

• Steep learning curve

Edge Inspect CC limitations:
• 30-day trial
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Type Shareware

Version 1.0.408

Size 2 MB

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