Save important files in the cloud with MEGA for Android

MEGA is a cloud storage service for Android devices that offers users up to 50GB of free storage space in the cloud.

This is the perfect app for those Android users who have a busy mobile life that includes sending documents and files back and forth. Not only can users upload important files to the cloud, but these files are then encrypted and the keys stay with the user. Users can also search for and download files as well as upload photos and videos automatically. There is even an option for renaming files.

MEGA is the perfect solution for managing documents and files on the go. It is the fastest way to upload files to the cloud, and does so in such a secure manner that users don’t even think twice about it. The Camera Sync feature makes uploading photos and videos a non-issue. Once users create an account, everything in it can be browsed, searched, renamed, deleted, downloaded, and more. It is a complete cloud storage tool that does its job beyond well.

Download MEGA free for Android and keep all of your files and documents safe in the cloud.

MEGA features:
• Fast and easy uploading
• Account easy to browse
• Anything can be downloaded
• Camera Sync feature automatically uploads photos and video
• Everything uploaded is automatically encrypted

MEGA limitations:
• Requires Android 2.3 or higher
MEGA icon

Type Freeware

Version 1.5.7

Size 2.52 MB

Other versions

1.5.7 1.1.0