Stop killing zombies and grow them in Zombie Farm for Android

Zombie Farm is a game for Android devices that focuses on befriending zombies to the point of growing them.

This is the opposite of the typical zombie game. Most of the time, zombies are the enemy and even plants are used to attack them and keep them from harming humans. However, someone got tired of all the discrimination and slandering of the good zombie name and decided to combine their green thumb with their sympathy for these undead creatures to make this game. It is similar to other farming games but with a slightly macabre twist.

Zombie Farm lets you plant, grow, and harvest your very own zombies! You can also grow other kinds of crops, from flowers and trees to corn and other edibles. Arrange your crops in a way that pleases you or try to impress others with your design prowess and create amazing crop arrangements. Grow your own zombie horde to attack the enemy and experiment with hybrid crops, like zombie flowers! Keep experimenting until you form the perfect zombie team to defeat the prejudiced public who just don’t understand these decomposing darlings.

Download Zombie Farm free for Android and look at zombies in a whole new light!

Zombie Farm features:
• Create your own zombie team
• Grow zombies and other crops
• Arrange crops in artistic ways
• Create zombie/plant hybrids
• Attack the enemy with your zombie horde

Zombie Farm limitations:
• Requires Android 2.0 or higher
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Type Freeware


Size 12.39 MB

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