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Keep yourself organized with Efficient Man's Organizer for PC

Efficient Man's Organizer is a personal organization program for PC that is specifically designed with men in mind.

Most people, especially those in the corporate world, have crazy schedules that are almost impossible to keep up with without the help of some sort of assistant. Some have human assistants, others have their phones, and still more rely on agendas and other paper-based organizational tools. These may work for some people, but others may want something right on their PC that they can access and modify easily, without having to call and cancel a task or scratch out something. This is where Efficient Man's Organizer comes in to save the day.

Efficient Man's Organizer has a Navigation Panel that serves as the interface and is very simple to manage. Within the panel there are several tabs, each with different titles. There is Today, Calendar, Contacts, Events, Tasks, Diary, and Notes. Calendar, Diary, and Contacts are rather straightforward and don’t require much explanation. Notes is also a tab that is easy to figure out. Some people may be confused about why there are separate Events and Tasks tabs, since they seem very similar. Indeed, the wizards for each one are identical. However, Events is more for things like holidays, while a Task would be something like buying a present for someone.

The Today tab displays Events, Tasks, and any other important information for that day. This tab, like all of the others, can be customized thanks to a wizard. The Tool Tip feature is great for letting you know about other themes you can use for your organizer. They include various seasonal themes which are nice to try out. However, the original theme uses bold and stark colors and may be more appropriate for a business person. Either way, this is an excellent tool for staying on top of your life, be it business oriented or centered around some other activities.

Download Efficient Man's Organizer free for PC and organize yourself in a more efficient way.

• Simple interface
• Organized tabs in Navigation Panel
• Wizards to help with customization
• Tool Tip shows more themes

• May have some syncing issues
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Type Freeware

Version 3.53 Build 344

Size 14.46 MB

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3.53 Build 344