Office Mobile for Office 365


Access and edit your documents anywhere with Office Mobile for Office 365 for Android

Office Mobile for Office 365 is an office suite application for Android devices that lets users access and edit their documents anywhere.

This is the perfect tool for those of you who are constantly on-the-go and need a simple and fast way to deal with office-related tasks. Thanks to the cloud, users can access their documents through SkyDrive and other cloud storage services. Any documents that you have viewed recently on your computer will show up in the Recently Viewed tab on your Android device thanks to its cloud connection. If for whatever reason you can’t connect to the network and need to edit a document, you can do so offline. Once your device is connected again, the changes will be saved.

Office Mobile for Office 365 features documents with an impressive appearance. Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and more look great on your Android device. They are all optimized to fit the screen of your device as well. If you open up a document from SkyDrive, it will go automatically to wherever you left off reading the last time you opened the document. For PowerPoint, browsing through slides is quick and easy and speaker notes can be added as well.

Download Office Mobile for Office 365 free for Android and edit important documents wherever you are.

Office Mobile for Office 365 features:
• Connected to the cloud
• Works with SkyDrive, SkyDrive Pro, and more
• Recently Viewed tab
• Offline editing
• Programs optimized to look great on the screen

Office Mobile for Office 365 limitations:
• Must have subscription to Office 365
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Type Freeware

Version 15.0.1924.2000

Size 26.76 MB

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