SQL Data Manager Studio


Complex yet detailed and free way to maintain your database

SQL Data Manager Studio is a program that allows you to create sequential and procedural database programs.

The SQL Data Manager Studio allows users to create rapid and clear visualization of data that may otherwise be difficult comprehend. For those unaware of what SQL stands for it means Structured Query Language. This a special purpose programming language that is designed for managing data in a relational database management system. The SQL Data Manager Studio is in existence to aid those who find themselves inserting, modifying or querying records into a database.

This software is created for database administrators or data managers who find themselves frequently using SQL commands to dictate their databases. The SQL Data Manager Studio helps you maintain your database by offering a QuickApp Menu in the Task bar. This allows you to add all the scripts that you use most regularly. You can also export results from SQL queries as an Excel, PDF or HTML document.

An essential element of this SQL managing software is the fact that the documents it creates work seamlessly with Microsoft Word and WordPad.

The SQL Data Manager presents you with a hassle free way of creating visually appealing reports complete with graphics and tables. A useful feature of the latest version of the SQL Data Manager is the direct online support option that allows to requests straight from the application itself.


• Creates efficient reports
• Suitable for creating databases
• Compatible with most Word and WordPad


• Difficult to use without coding knowledge
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Type Shareware

Version 1.1.1

Size 197.58 MB

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