War Thunder


A massively multiplayer online amazing WW2 mission of the skies

It’s time to take to the skies! War Thunder is a massively multiplayer online game in which players get to experience flight as an air force pilot of World War 2.

In complex warfare, players drowned in action with opponents or on their own. There are competitive, solo and cooperative missions that feature in the game. Players are pushed off the edge and told to use their wings in order to survive. As battles commence, you are introduced to sky-rocketing combat high above the sea and land. With thoroughly astounding graphics, you are submersed in a world of open-fire, bloodshed and silence of fear.

The best thing about it all are the remodels of the factual planes. Players experience a historically profound memoir of one of the greatest campaigns known to man, including all of the armour, weaponry, and skill that was used in the midst of it all.

Though most of the experience of War Thunder focuses on giving you a first-look feel for aviation and flight simulation of WW2, the game recognizes that battles were not won by pilots alone. Instead the game also has various modes in which players fight to protect on land or at sea.

The game has remarkably instilling music, archaic visuals, and stunning graphics. If you are a fan of MMOs, of war-time games, or just want to feel like you’re flying, download War Thunder.


• Take flight as a pilot of military aviation
• Battles in air, sea and on land
• Historically and amazingly reminiscent
• Massively multiplayer online


• Nothing noteworthy
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Type Shareware


Size 4.01 MB

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