Improve SEO rankings by updating text content quick and easy

Are you ever producing some form of document and can’t find the words to express something? TextCrawler is an impressive application that can help you find appropriate alternatives for different words and phrases in a text.

The software makes it easy for you to write and edit text. You can look for great synonyms and sentence structures, as well as deleting original text and replacing it with new content. The application can perform incredibly quick scans through documents no matter how large they are. What’s more is that it provides users with the ability to change a specific word or element in an array of different texts, meaning it will be edited in all of them. This saves a lot of time, and means the application is extremely great to use for companies who wish to replace certain words in a text to similar more popular words for SEO rankings.

With a substantially flexible search-engine, you can enter in intricate parameters and get back great results. The program lets you create new files from old ones, and has a process by which it enables you to sort through and remove duplicate lines, and remove whitespace. Probably the most important function of this application is that it has a text tool to check inadequacies in sentences. Moreover, it has a whole library dedicated to regular expressions. It allows you to save your searches, and create back-ups of everything. It’s particularly great that all of the results from the different searches appear as highlighted to make it that bit easier to differentiate.

Everyone should download and get using TextCrawler as it is a great program for both personal and professional work.


• Batch edit, search and replace words and sentences in many files
• Use regular expressions from a saved library
• Export search results


• Nothing noteworthy
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Type Freeware

Version 2.5

Size 395.31 kB

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