Falskaar Skyrim Mod


Explore the beautiful new world of Falskaar and expand your Skyrim adventure

The Falskaar Skyrim Mod is a modification application for popular playing fantasy game Skyrim. This mod for your PC allows you to venture into a new land called Falskaar.

The Falskaar Skyrim Mod adds 25 hours of content, a land mass a third the size of the original game as well as new characters, quests and new voices.

For those out there that are not well versed in the language of gamers and are unsure what exactly a 'mod' is, it is a game modification application. Programmers create mods for games in order to enhance or change gameplay, this is done by editing the code of the game. Generally people create small mods such as new characters etc. This Falskaar Skyrim Mod however presents players with an entire new world.

The one thing that immediately strikes you about the Falskaar Skyrim Mod is the impressive level of detail and hard work that has gone into this modification. Add to this the fact that it was created by a 19 year old Alexander J. Velicky and it is very difficult not to be completely bowled over!

This new land that is separate from Skyrim is beautiful to look at. The graphics of the wooded areas and the extreme detail of the new characters that Falskaar introduces are a pleasure to look at. As Skyrim fans are well aware, part of the game's beauty is the free play option. This allows you to wander around with your hero and explore the world to your hearts content. This option is also available with the Falskaar Skyrim Mod but to truly get the most out of this mod you should play the quests.

The missions in Falskaar have you battling dragons, fleeing from burning cities and raiding underground caves. There is never a dull moment and for anyone who thinks that they have mastered Skyrim, Falskaar presents you with a whole host of new and exciting challenges. In fact some of the battles are much harder than that of the original!

The creation of Falskaar took 2,000 hours of work to build and it is easy to see why. Its creativity, gameplay fluidity and detailed characters are all a wonder to behold!

25 extra hours of gameplay
New massive land
New quests
New characters

Tougher than the original game
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Type Freeware

Version 1.0.0

Size 453.4 MB

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