Mystery Trackers: Silent Hollow


Solve mysteries with a host of gadgets and a canine sidekick!

Mystery Trackers: Silent Hollow is a point and click puzzle game for your PC. You have to uncover mysteries by solving puzzles and making use of a variety of gadgets.

Consider yourself a bit of a James Bond, a Sherlock Holmes or even a Jessica Fletcher type? Well than Mystery Trackers: Silent Hollow may be just the game for you! In Mystery Trackers: Silent Hollow you and your faithful canine sidekick Elf are the only un-hypnotized people to be seen at the Mystery Tracker headquarters. Clearly some evil nemesis has decided to try and destroy your HQ and it is up to you to figure out what happened!

Anyone that has played any games in the Mystery Trackers series previously will be familiar with the type of puzzles that are presented to you. You are required to reassemble images and piece together matching items and the like in order to complete the puzzles and in turn gain more information on the happenings at HQ.

The major difference with Mystery Trackers: Silent Hollow as opposed to other games in the series is the inclusion of gadgets. You now feel like a MI6 operative using special cameras to extract information from objects, people and animals! Along the way you also gather the pet sidekicks belonging to your fellow mystery trackers, these characters help you unravel the mystery.

Abilities wise you are pretty blessed. Your operative can un-hypnotize people and animals, set things on fire as well as freeze things. Essentially Mystery Trackers: Silent Hollow is a puzzle game, but with bright, attractive graphics and intriguing storyline it does feel like so much more


Great storyline
3 abilities for main character
Range of gadgets
4 levels of difficulty
Attractive graphics


Puzzles can get repetitive.
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Type Shareware

Version 1.0

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