Challenge your logical thinking with the lovable Lines!

Lines is a logical puzzle game for Windows.

Entitling a game Lines doesn’t exactly send shivers of anticipation down one’s spine but don’t be fooled by the simplicity and basic nature of this PC puzzle game. It is far more entertaining than it may initially appear!

Lines works upon the same premise as games like Connect 4. The aim is to arrange balls of the same colour vertically, horizontally or diagonally upon the tiles in the grey grid. It sounds devastatingly easy, but as you will soon discover quite a high level of concentration and logical thinking is needed to master Lines. The game offers three different variants of the board: large 12x12, medium 9x9 and small 6x6. If you find yourself getting bored of the coloured balls you can change the symbol of the items you have to match, you can choose from balls, fish and letters.

Lines is the type of game that you can constantly keep running in the background on your PC. It is extremely lightweight and the interface is so tiny that it is possible to keep playing the game whilst reading or browsing the internet!

In conclusion Lines is a testament to the fact that looks can indeed be very deceiving!


• Endless puzzles to complete
• 3 different board sizes
• 3 different symbol choices.


• Very basic
Lines icon

Type Freeware

Version 1.0

Size 686.78 kB

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