Explore your creative side with the ultimate character customization tool

Hero Lab is clever and creative accessory that allows you to create characters for a whole host of PC games.

Ever completed an RPG game and felt unfinished, or slightly disappointed? Well then Hero Lab might be just the application to extend and improve gameplay on your favourite RPG game.

Hero Lab is a detailed utility. It allows you to decide each element of character creation including attributes, level, skills, merits, power, gears, personal information etc.

If you are unsure about what options you can alter Hero Lab conveniently highlights what options you can change based on your chosen game. The games that Hero Lab supports include Pathfinder, Shadow Run, Mutants and Masterminds, Savage World, 4E, the World of Darkness and Call of Cthula.
Hero Lab’s validation engine ensures that your newly created character satisfies all the rules. Not only does it give you a prompt warning but also includes a detailed analysis as to why there is a conflict and offers guidelines on how to rectify this.

Hero Lab’s allows you to modify content in role playing games with ease. You can custom create armour and spells amongst a number of other things and if modification isn’t enough for avid gamers out there Hero Lab also allows you to create content from scratch.

If you worried about incompatibility or problems occurring when launching your customized creations in your chosen game, stop fretting! The creators of Hero Lab have liased with the companies that create your favorite games in order to ensure that the software is licensed and fully supported.


• Create new game characters
• Compatible with a number of games
• Officially licensed by games


• More suitable for advance RPG gamers
• Demo
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Type Demo

Version 4.2

Size 525 B

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